Landmark Planning is a high-quality niche town planning consultancy based in Leicester and operating throughout the Midlands.

Putting the appropriate development in the appropriate location, is the work of every planning consultant. How you get there, and at what time and cost, certainly distinguishes the good from the merely ordinary.

We try to do this in the most cost effective manner. The philosophy is to try and achieve a situation where everyone wins, not create a system of winners and losers. Our starting point is ‘negotiation not confrontation’.

The company was established in 1992, initially in Warwick, but now has its main office in Leicester, situated just off the wonderfully historic New Walk (you can visit the Friends of New Walk website, for more information).

Landmark Planning’s core expertise is evaluating land and buildings for their planning potential, and securing approval for the most beneficial use or development.

Landmark Planning have secured industry awards, most recently the ProCon Award for Innovation in Property, that we won in November 2019.